CESI participates in newly funded research partnerships

Posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

University of Guelph researchers were recently granted nearly $4 million for new research projects from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. Congratulations!

We are thrilled to see that a significant portion of this funding will be dedicated to partnered research projects conducted in collaboration with community stakeholders. Even better: CESI has the privilege of being a team member on a number of these! Our staff will provide expertise and support to the following partnered projects:

  • Robin Roth’s Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership will establish a new Indigenous-led conservation research partnership involving over 30 policy, community and academic partners and designed to help Canada reach its biodiversity protection and conservation goals.
  • Deborah Stienstra’s Disability and Livelihoods in Canada will lead three pilot projects examining the relationship between disabilities and volunteering, arts and artistry, and pre-employment supports as different expressions of livelihoods.
  • Philip Loring’s Coastal Routes will work with communities across the country to explore how to best scale up local innovations to build food security and community resilience during times of change.

The Institute is also contributing to recently funded research by Patty Douglas (Brandon University) and by Deborah Stienstra (University of Guelph) and the Guelph and Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination using multimedia arts and storytelling to advance social inclusion and bring attention to the experiences of people with autism and of those living in poverty, respectively.

We look forward to joining these new research teams, and will continue to provide guidance to faculty members to design engagement and knowledge mobilization strategies that can help increase the societal impact of all research projects.

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