The Research Shop Profiled in the International Science Shop Community

Posted on Monday, November 4th, 2019

Written by Calla McLachlan

The Research Shop at CESI was recently featured as a case study on SciShops.Eu, a website that aims to exemplify how science shops can help civil society and organizations address complex challenges by conducting participatory research that responds to community needs. SciShops provides information on what science shops are, how to establish one, and how communities can access and benefit from science shops’ work. It also analyzes the practices of science shops around the world to illustrate how their models differ. With this new case study, CESI joined a group of science shops from Spain, Germany, Poland, and a number of other countries that have also been profiled.

The Research Shop’s case study on SciShops.Eu outlines our business model, research process, and evaluation methods. It highlights our organizational strengths, such as having a clear mandate, long-term community partnerships, and effective leadership, but notes the challenges we face: for example, balancing the needs of on and off campus communities and receiving recognition for our engaged work. Last, the case study discusses plans for the Research Shop’s future strategic development. The inclusion of CESI’s Research Shop as a case study on SciShops.Eu suggests that it is a useful model for other countries to learn from as science shops continue to gain traction around the world.

For more information about the Research Shop, read about our program or contact Karen Nelson, Research Shop Coordinator.

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