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The Research Shop Profiled in the International Science Shop Community

The Research Shop at CESI was recently featured as a case study on SciShops.Eu, a website that aims to exemplify how science shops can help civil society and organizations address complex challenges by conducting participatory research that responds to community needs. SciShops provides information on what science shops are, how to establish one, and how communities can access and benefit from science shops’ work.

The Better Ballot Campaign: For a more productive electoral dialogue

It’s election day in Canada! Over the past weeks, we have been exposed to a lot of negative campaigning and adverse discussion between political parties. You may be happy to hear that a Guelph-based movement, the Better Ballot Campaign (BBC), is working hard to engage Canadians in a more productive conversation that focuses on the political issues instead of on personal attacks by politicians. Launched in 2018, the BBC was formed to encourage diverse voices in politics. The campaign is committed to foster civil discussion and respectful debate of political issues.

CESI's Research Shop is turning 10 years old!

The Research Shop is turning 10 years old! Founded in 2009 as part of the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI), the Research Shop works to meet the research priorities of local and regional community organizations. Over the past 10 years, the program has trained and employed 166 graduates students to work on various research activities and outputs that meet community needs first.

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