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Update on the Targeted Walk-In Service project: consulting clients with extreme mental health needs

One year after presenting a plan to evaluate the Targeted Walk-In Service (TWIS) program at the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington, the Research Shop was invited back last week to present the final results. The project began in a Program Evaluation course supported by CESI's CETL program, where students worked to create an evaluation plan for the TWIS.

The Better Ballot Campaign: For a more productive electoral dialogue

It’s election day in Canada! Over the past weeks, we have been exposed to a lot of negative campaigning and adverse discussion between political parties. You may be happy to hear that a Guelph-based movement, the Better Ballot Campaign (BBC), is working hard to engage Canadians in a more productive conversation that focuses on the political issues instead of on personal attacks by politicians. Launched in 2018, the BBC was formed to encourage diverse voices in politics. The campaign is committed to foster civil discussion and respectful debate of political issues.

Focus on Nature: A Snapshot into Program Evaluation

When we think of children playing, our minds often go to memories of running to the nearest park, playground or swimming hole, exploring and interacting with the natural world. However, with growing urban development and screen-time becoming increasingly common, many children now have fewer opportunities to connect with nature.

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