Students invited to Hack the Farm - the Improve Life Challenge 2020

For the first time this year, CESI is thrilled to join others on campus in organizing the Improve Life Challenge 2020: Hack the Farm!

The Improve Life Challenge: Hack the Farm is a one-day immersive experience where interdisciplinary student teams work together with community partners to tackle real problems and come up with possible solutions. At the end of the day, teams present their solutions in a pitch-style competition.

Community Engaged Learning Report on Financial Abuse Generates Awareness and Impacts

A new report produced through a Community Engaged Teaching and Learning partnership is drawing attention to an often-overlooked form of intimate partner violence: financial abuse. The report, titled “Hidden in the Everyday,” is the result of collaboration between CESI, the Woman Abuse Council of Toronto, and psychology students Sonia Zawitkowski, Emma Currie, and Brianna Wilson under the supervision of Dr.

Update on the Targeted Walk-In Service project: consulting clients with extreme mental health needs

One year after presenting a plan to evaluate the Targeted Walk-In Service (TWIS) program at the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington, the Research Shop was invited back last week to present the final results. The project began in a Program Evaluation course supported by CESI's CETL program, where students worked to create an evaluation plan for the TWIS.

The Research Shop Profiled in the International Science Shop Community

The Research Shop at CESI was recently featured as a case study on SciShops.Eu, a website that aims to exemplify how science shops can help civil society and organizations address complex challenges by conducting participatory research that responds to community needs. SciShops provides information on what science shops are, how to establish one, and how communities can access and benefit from science shops’ work.

The Better Ballot Campaign: For a more productive electoral dialogue

It’s election day in Canada! Over the past weeks, we have been exposed to a lot of negative campaigning and adverse discussion between political parties. You may be happy to hear that a Guelph-based movement, the Better Ballot Campaign (BBC), is working hard to engage Canadians in a more productive conversation that focuses on the political issues instead of on personal attacks by politicians. Launched in 2018, the BBC was formed to encourage diverse voices in politics. The campaign is committed to foster civil discussion and respectful debate of political issues.

CESI Supports 12 'Engaged' Courses this Fall

CESI’s Community Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL) program supports many undergraduate and graduate courses-based partnerships each semester involving hundreds of students and several community partners. These courses provide meaningful collaboration opportunities for all involved, and high impact educational experiences for students in learning basic and advanced theory, principles, and practices of critical community engaged scholarship. 

Registration Now Open for CESI's Workshop & Symposium

For 10 years, the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute’s (CESI) Research Shop has trained graduate student researchers to work with community organizations, supporting them to design and implement research that addresses community-identified priorities. We are so excited to invite you to join us as we mark this milestone with a workshop and symposium to reflect on our impacts and practices and share our learning over the last 10 years – please follow the links below for more information:

The workshop will be held on Thursday, November 7th.

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