Campus-Community Partnerships Conversation

CESI participates in newly funded research partnerships

Upcycle Kitchen: a Creative Approach to Food Waste Reduction in Guelph

The Impact Factor: Sharing a Black Past

Webinar: Making a Sustainable Campus-Community Partnership Programme

Supports for KMb


CESI's Knowledge Moblilization (KMb) program offers a range of expertise and support on- and off-campus. Program staff support KMb in the following ways (and more!):

Brokering and Partnerships

We strive to enhance community access to and use of research expertise. We work to make research accessible, and to facilitate the involvement of non-academic partners at various stages of the research process, from defining research questions to conducting research and sharing findings. We help:

About the Research Shop


The Research Shop works with local and regional organizations and collaborations to carry out high impact community-engaged scholarship. We often collaborate with the social services and non-profit sectors, however the topics of research are diverse and reflect the needs of all our partners. Working in teams, Research Shop students, staff, and community partners review existing research, conduct community-based research, and mobilize knowledge. This work allows the Research Shop to: