CESI Current Students

Research Assistant

Interests: violence against women and girls, intimate partner violence, women's health, mixed-methods research, community engaged scholarship

Headshot of Jessica Lukawiecki
Project Manager and Editorial Assistant

Interests: Program evaluation; social and environmental analysis; social return on investment; Indigenous issues; writing; editing.

Communications Assistant

Interests: Evolutionary psychology, consumer behaviour, knowledge mobilization, public policy, social entrepreneurship.

Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Sexual violence prevention, violence against women, gender norms, community-based research, program evaluation

Headshot of Chloe Zivot
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: international development, settlement and integration, public health, gender.

Headshot of Jenaya Nixon
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Law and politics, bail, courts, court culture, interdisciplinary research, community-engaged research.

Headshot of Jordan Daniels
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Indigenous tourism, social justice, representation, decolonization, reconciliation, Indigenous-settler relations, anthropological theory.

Headshot of Kelly Hatt
Research Shop Assistant

Interests: Law and politics, Canadian criminal justice policy, oversight, courts, community engaged research.

Headshot of Aarabhi Rajendiran
Research Shop Project Manager

Interests: Program evaluation, community health, social determinants of health, population health intervention research, community engaged scholarship.

Headshot of Melanie Davis
Research Shop Project Manager

Interests: Decision-making process, community engaged scholarship, social determinants of health, harm reduction and drug policy, social assistance and social policies.

Headshop of Melisa Choubak
Research Shop Project Manager

Interests: Intersectional identities, intergroup bias, marginalized populations, participatory methods, program evaluation, social justice and art, animal rights and nature.